Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook - Second Edition


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Key Features

Automate Windows server tasks with the powerful features of the PowerShell Language
Master new features such as DevOps, containers, and Nano servers, and speed up their performance using PowerShell
Improve PowerShell's usability, and control and manage Windows-based environments by working through inviting recipes

Book Description

This book showcases several ways that Windows administrators can use to automate and streamline their job. You'll start with the PowerShell and Windows Server fundamentals, where you'll become well versed with PowerShell and Windows Server features.

In the next module, Core Windows Server 2016, you'll implement Nano Server, manage Windows updates, and implement troubleshooting and server inventories. You'll then move on to the Networking module, where you'll manage Windows network services and network shares.

The last module covers Azure and DSC, where you will use Azure on PowerShell and DSC to easily maintain Windows servers.

What you will learn

Streamline routine administration processes
Improve the performance and storage of your Windows server with enhanced large-scale PowerShell scripts
Use DSC to leverage Windows server features
Generate automatic reports that highlight unexpected changes in your environment
Monitor performance and report on system utilization using detailed graphs and analysis
Create and manage a reliable and redundant Hyper-V environment
Manage your enterprise's patch level
Utilize multiple tools and protocols to manage your environment

keywords:postgis windows,hosting windows,windows hosting,windows vps,windows servers,

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Pages: 730
PubDate: 2017-11-06 00:00:00
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