XPath Kick Start: Navigating XML with XPath 1.0 and 2.0


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XPath is to XML as SQL is to databases: XML applications need XPath to locate specific data within an XML document for further processing with other XML applications such as XSLT, XQuery, XPointer, XLink and DOM level 3. With XPath, these applications offer developers a full toolkit for transforming, linking, and searching XML data. Developers need to understand XPath to fully exploit XML in their applications, and they have few resources beyond the W3C specification. XPath Kick Start will examine every aspect of XPath in detail, including its influence on and use with these other XML standards.

With each technique illustrated with real-world examples, the book starts with coverage of the essentials of XPath, including nodes, expressions, functions and operators. The second half of the book details XPath in practice - from manipulating XML data to transforming, linking and querying XML documents.

XPath Kick Start provides the fastest path to productivity with XPath, and is fully up to date with the most recent XPath specification. Award-winning author Steven Holzner speeds through the basics so you'll be an XPath expert in no time. You'll master the XPath syntax and data model and understand the features of XPath 2.0, including new operators, expressions, and functions.

XPath Kick Start shows you XPath at work in XML applications including XSLT and XLink. You'll quickly leverage your skills to manage data in XML-enabled applications, and extend XPath with allied specifications like XQuery. Steven Holzner's expert insights and tips, along with dozens of practical examples that you can put to use immediately, will have you up and running at full speed in nothing flat.

Welcome to XPath, the XML-related specification that lets you locate data in XML documents. XPath is becoming more and more important as XML develops, and there's more need to work with the data in XML documents in detailed ways.

In this book, we're going to examine both XPath 1.0 and 2.0 to see what makes them tick, and we're going to emphasize seeing everything at work in dozens of examples.


Summary: good for catching up to XPATH 2.0
I am already familiar with XSLT and XPATH 1.0 so i found the initial 5 chapters kinda dumbed down. the 6th chapter is interesting on XLINK and Xpointer but only the basics are shown here i wished a few real world implentations were used and i wish they went into XQuery more but i guess that would be another book. starting from chapter 7-12 gets interesting with all the different new functions and types in Xpath 2.0. It was an overal easy read and good for updating your XPath skills or read the initial 5 chapters to get a better view on Xpath. I would at least have an introductory experience with XSLT before u read this book although they explain intro XSLT as they go on. SUMMARY: for an intermediate, start reading from chapter 6.

keywords:how to start a cloud computing company,how to start mobile application development,best python book for programmers,app development book,book app development,

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