PHP Programming: PHP Crush Course! Learn PHP Programming in 4 hours! PHP for Beginners - Smart and Easy Ways to learn PHP & MySQL (PHP and MYSQL Web Development, PHP Programming)


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"Learn PHP in 4 Hours!" promises to give you complete introductory knowledge to PHP and MySQL. You will be able to get started on your journey to building awesome dynamic websites that help you achieve your dreams in no time.
This book contains definitions that are straightforward, examples that are short and sweet and explanations that ensure mastery of the basics very quickly.
You will be able to blast through this book while gaining deep knowledge that prepares you to tackle the advanced features of both PHP and MySQL while simultaneously being able to do something very useful with the best practices. This is an amazing educational book!
What is in the book?
Introduction to PHP Programming
Chapter 1 Hour 1: Installation and PHP
We discuss installation of a web server package and show how to use it to run PHP script. We also cover some of the basics of PHP
Chapter 2 Hour 2: More PHP Basics
We dive deeper into the basics of PHP
Chapter 3 Hour 3: MySQL Basics
We discuss how to access the command line to enter MySQL commands and use them to work with data in the database
Chapter 4 Hour 4: PHP and MySQL
We consolidate the knowledge and use both PHP and MySQL to create a very simple website with dynamic content
Let's get started!

keywords:php programming,php programming,programming php,php mysqli,python php,

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Author: Barry Page
Language: English
ISBN10: 1532806213
ISBN13: 9781532806216
Pages: 126
PubDate: 2016-04-18 00:00:00
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