Common OpenStack Deployments: Real World Examples for Systems Administrators and Engineers


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OpenStack is todays leading technology for building and integrating public and private clouds. Common OpenStack Deployments is a complete, practical guide to deploying OpenStack and understanding its internals. Key project contributor Elizabeth Joseph, with expert implementer Matt Fischer, shares up-to-date recipes for deploying OpenStack on both virtual and physical servers, and for using OpenStack to address any real-world challenge.

First, Joseph and Fischer help you master OpenStack concepts and components by guiding you through small-scale, virtualized deployments. As you deepen your understanding, they guide you through building large, horizontally scalable infrastructures that integrate multiple components in a feature-rich cloud environment. Throughout, youll find up-to-the minute coverage of enhancements that make the OpenStack platform more mature and production ready, plus expert tips on debugging and growth.

The authors conclude by introducing the broader OpenStack ecosystem, showing you how to drive value through hybrid clouds blending local and hosted solutions. Drawing on extensive personal experience, they address issues ranging from cost to data sovereignty and security.

Common OpenStack Deployments is the ideal resource for all network and data center professionals who want to apply OpenStack in proof-of-concept or in production, and for every instructor or student who wants to leverage todays hottest cloud technology.

Comprehensive coverage includes
Customizing, deploying, and scaling OpenStack in any environment
Quickly building single-server test deployments with DevStack
Making the right networking decisions for any OpenStack deployment
Manually installing Nova compute, Keystone identity, Glance image storage, and Neutron networking
Setting up controllers and compute nodes
Deploying private compute clouds with Puppet
Metering clouds with Ceilometer
Implementing block and object storage clouds
Provisioning on bare metal with OpenStack Ironic
Controlling containers with OpenStack Magnum
Troubleshooting OpenStack: error messages, logs, tools, configuration problems, Puppet debugging, and more
Step-by-step virtualized reference deployment using KVM/QEMU on Ubuntu

keywords:the complete freebsd,cloud service catalog,websphere portlet catalog,ios development guide,cisco ios configuration guide,

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