Security Careers, Third Edition: Skills, Compensation, and Career Paths


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The third edition of Security Careers is the authoritative reference for current job descriptions and pay practices of security, compliance, and ethics occupations. The job descriptions and compensation ranges in this report are drawn from research from the Foushee Group, which has been conducting this research since 1980. Security Careers includes more than 75 job descriptions for security-related positions, which range from the entry-level security guard to the top global corporate executive. It also provides four years of compensation trend data to give a thorough understanding of competitive pay practices across the industry. This book can be used by anyone who manages security personnel or by security professionals who want to develop their careers. Security Careers is a part of Elsevier's Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs. * Fills the need for solid information based on accurate job descriptions and surveys of industry compensation professionals* Created for hands-on use: readers may use the job descriptions in their own hiring and staffing plans* Sheds light on compensation practices and shows security executives how to influence them

keywords:schedule oracle job,system security,system security,it systems security,systems security,

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