Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems (Series in Security, Privacy and Trust)


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The objective of this edited book is to solicit state-of-the-art contributions from both scientists and practitioners working in intrusion detection and prevention for mobile networks, services, and devices. It will include chapters dealing with fundamental theory, techniques, applications, as well as practical experiences concerning intrusion detection and prevention for the mobile ecosystem will be considered. Surveys, simulations, practical results and case studies would be also included.

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eBook Details:
Category: Security
Author: Georgios Kambourakis and Asaf Shabtai
Language: English
ISBN10: 113803357X
ISBN13: 9781138033573
Pages: 544
PubDate: 2017-09-08 00:00:00
UploadDate: 10/16/2017 11:57:16 am

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