Cyber Security: Understand Hacking and Protect Yourself and Your Organization From Ever Getting Hacked


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Most, if not all, of us who use technology are familiar with the concept that we need to protect ourselves online. Cyber security is all about taking meaningful steps to ensure that we do not fall victim to hackers. Many people think that employing adequate cyber security means that they download a free antivirus package every year, which will completely protect them and any data and information on their computers. This antivirus will ensure that no malicious files are never downloaded, that they do not access any websites that could be dangerous, that their identities will never be stolen, and that they are generally perfectly safe online.

However, this idea is simply not true. Hackers are growing more pernicious and sophisticated every year. They have access to an entire arsenal of cyber weapons, which are often exchanged on the black market. Some of these weapons are powerful enough to bring down websites run by governments and even break into computer servers run by the United States. The need for adequate cyber security is so great that companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year in order to protect themselves. However, for many, they must learn the hard way before they implement the protections that they need: they do so only after becoming the victims of security breaches.

Becoming a victim of a cyber hack can be an incredibly costly, frustrating, and time-consuming process. For companies, the cost can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. If a corporation is hacked, the personal data of millions of customers can be compromised the company then may have to reimburse those people for any fraudulent activity that may have occurred due to the hack. The cost in terms of the company's reputation may be so severe that the company never fully recovers. For individuals, a computer hack can lead to identity theft, which can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent financial activity. For both companies and individuals, hacks can lead to sensitive data and information stored in a computer to become compromised.

keywords:system security,system security,it systems security,systems security,security for networks,

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