Mobile Robots: Control Architectures, Bio-Interfacing, Navigation, Multi Robot Motion Planning and Operator Training


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The objective of this book is to cover advances of mobile robotics and related technologies applied for multi robot systems' design and development.

Introductory Chapter
Part 1 Mobile Robot Control Design and Development
1 Model-Driven Development of Intelligent Mobile Robot Using Systems Modeling Language (SysML)
2 Development of Safe and Secure Control Software for Autonomous Mobile Robots
3 Control Strategies of Human Interactive Robot Under Uncertain Environments
4 Research on Building Mechanism of System for Intelligent Service Mobile Robot
5 A Robotic Wheelchair Component-Based Software Development
Part 2 Brain-Machine Interfacing
6 EEG Based Brain-Machine Interfacing: Navigation of Mobile Robotic Device
7 Bioartificial Brains and Mobile Robots
Part 3 Navigation and Path Planning
3 Parallel Computing in Mobile Robotics for RISE
9 Multi-Flock Flocking for Multi-Agent Dynamic Systems
10 Cooperative Formation Planning and Control of Multiple Mobile Robots
11 Cooperative Path Planning for Multi-Robot Systems in Dynamic Domains
12 Motion Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots Using Time-Scaling
13 Cooperative Reinforcement Learning Based on Zero-Sum Games
Part 4 Communication and Distance Measurement for Swarm Robots
14 Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Modes for Swarm Robotic Search
15 Using a Meeting Channel and Relay Nodes to Interconnect Mobile Robots
16 Distance Measurement for Indoor Robotic Collectives
Part 5 Mobile Robot Operator Training
17 Improvement of RISE Mobile Robot Operator Training Tool

keywords:oracle sql operator,oracle sql or operator,mobile marketing,marketing mobile,mobile development,

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