Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control


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This book contains some new results in automation, control and robotics as well as new mathematical methods and computational techniques relating to the control theory application in physics and mechanical engineering. It contains the latest developments and reflects the experience of many researchers working in different environments (universities, research centers or even industries), publishing new theories and solving new problems in various branches of automation, control, robotics and adjacent areas. The main objective of the book is the interconnection of diverse scientific fields, the cultivation of possible scientific collaboration, the exchange of views and the promotion of new research targets as well as the future dissemination and diffusion of the scientific knowledge.
This book includes 23 chapters introducing basic research, advanced developments and applications. The book covers topics such us modeling and practical realization of robotic control for different applications, researching of the problems of stability and robustness, automation in algorithm and program developments with application in speech signal processing and linguistic research, system’s applied control, computations, and control theory
application in mechanics and electronics.
The authors and editor of this book hope that the efforts of the authors to provide highlevel contributions will be appreciated by the relevant scientific and engineering community. We are convinced that the book will be a source of knowledge and inspiration for students, academic members, researchers and practitioners working on the topics covered by the book. We cordially thank I-Tech Education and Publishing for their efforts to maintain a high quality book.

keywords:robotics software development,

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