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It’s time for ten! Windows 10 is ready to take you and your PC into a fantastic new age of computing. No matter if you’re running a tiny tablet or laptop or a super powerful desktop, Windows 10 will make the most of your PC, empowering you to do more than ever before. In this guide, we look at Windows 10 on both touch enabled devices and traditional, keyboard and mouse equipped PCs. Building on the success of our Windows 7 and Windows 8 Superguides, the Windows 10 Superguide is our biggest and best guide yet, with no less than 65 lessons. You will learn how to navigate your Windows 10 PC, search and organise files and folders, interact with Cortana, tweak your privacy settings, secure and maintain your PC and much more. Unleash the true potential of your new Windows 10 machine with the Windows 10 Superguide. Find out why individuals, businesses, schools and learning centres all over the world love and trust our Superguides. Supplement your learning with our video courses or contact the author directly for a one on one training session. There really is no more thorough, concise or better value course available anywhere! Windows 10 Superguide is used and approved by SeniorNet New Zealand.

keywords:postgis windows,hosting windows,windows hosting,windows vps,windows servers,

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Author: Mr Matthew A Buxton, Mrs Patricia Buxton
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PubDate: 2015-00-00 00:00:00
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