Wireless Mesh Networking: Architectures, Protocols and Standards (Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications)


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This is the first book to provide readers a comprehensive technical guide covering recent and open issues in wireless mesh networks. Wireless Mesh Networking: Architectures, Protocols and Standards explores the various key challenges in diverse scenarios as well as emerging standards, including capacity and scalability. It focuses on concepts, effective protocols proposals, system integration, performance analysis techniques, simulation, experiments, and future research directions. It contains illustrative figures and allows for complete cross-referencing. It also details information on the particular techniques for efficiently improving the mesh network performance.

eBook Details:
Category: Networking
Author: Yan Zhang
Language: English
ISBN10: 0849373999
ISBN13: 9780849373992
Pages: 608
PubDate: 2006-12-13 00:00:00
UploadDate: 6/7/2016 12:39:36 pm

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