Learning Swift: Building Apps for OS X and iOS


Get hands-on experience with Apple’s Swift programming language by building real working apps. With this practical guide, skilled programmers with little or no knowledge of Apple development will learn how to code with Swift 2 by developing three complete, tightly linked versions of the Notes application for the OS X, iOS, and watchOS platforms.

In the process, you’ll learn Swift’s fundamentals, including its syntax and features, along with the basics of the Cocoa, CocoaTouch, and WatchKit frameworks. This book teaches you how to use common design patterns for Swift, how to structure an application for Apple’s platforms, and how to submit working apps to the App Store.

Divided into four distinct parts, this book includes:

Swift 2 basics: Learn Swift’s features for object-oriented development, as well as various developer tools
OS X app development: Set up your app, work with its documents, and build out its features
iOS app development: Use multimedia, contacts, location, notifications, and iCloud files to build a fully featured iOS Notes app
Advanced app extensions: Support Apple Watch and learn how to debug, monitor, and test all three of your Swift apps

eBook Details:
Category: Mobile Devices
Author: Paris Buttfield-Addison
Language: English
ISBN10: 1491940743
ISBN13: 9781491940747
Pages: 536
PubDate: 2016-05-26 00:00:00
UploadDate: 5/18/2016 4:56:34 pm

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