Introduction to JVM Languages.


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Key Features

This guide provides in-depth coverage of the Java Virtual Machine and its features
Filled with practical examples, this book will help you understand the core concepts of Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, and Groovy
Work with various programming paradigms and gain knowledge about imperative, object-oriented and functional programming
Book Description

Anyone who knows software development knows about the Java Virtual Machine. The Java Virtual Machine is responsible for interpreting Java byte code and translating it into actions. In the beginning, Java was the only programming language used for the JVM. But increasing complexity of the language and the remarkable performance of the JVM created an opening for a new generation of programming languages. If you want to build a strong foundation with the Java Virtual Machine and get started with popular modern programming languages, then this book is for you.

The book will begin with a general introduction of the JVM and its features, which are common to the JVM languages, helping you get abreast with its concepts. It will then dive into explaining languages such as Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, and Groovy and will show how to work with each language, their features, use cases, and pros and cons. By writing example projects in those languages and focusing on each language's strong points, it will help you find the programming language that is most appropriate for your particular needs.

By the end of the book, you will have written multiple programs that run on the Java Virtual Machine and know about the differences between the various languages.

What you will learn

Gain practical information about the Java Virtual Machine
Understand the popular JVM languages and the Java Class Library
Get to know about various programming paradigms such as imperative, object-oriented, and functional
Work with common JVM tools such as Eclipse IDE, Gradle, and Maven
Explore frameworks such as SparkJava, Vert.x, Akka and JavaFX
Boost your knowledge about dialects of other well-known programming languages that run on the JVM, including JavaScript, Python, and Ruby
About the Author

Vincent van der Leun is a software engineer living in the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. Programming since the age of 8, he has worked with many different languages and platforms over the years. Rediscovering Java a few years ago, he loved it so much that he became an Oracle Certified Professional, Java 7 Programmer, and started the JVM Fanboy blog. Currently he works for CloudSuite, a company specializing in modern ecommerce solutions. At CloudSuite he works on various backend systems and web services, writes JavaScript code for frontend applications, supports consultants by providing complex SQL queries, and consumes coffee while having design-related discussions with fellow developers. When not trying out new web frameworks or technologies in his spare time, he is collecting cult movies and obscure action flicks on DVD/Bluray, reading classic science fiction novels, or attending concerts of non-mainstream singers and songwriters.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Java Virtual Machine
Developing on the JVM
Programming in Java
Programming in Scala
Programming in Clojure
Programming in Kotlin
Programming in Groovy
Other JVM languages

keywords:data encryption in java,java encryption class,java class encryption,high performance java server,java application monitoring tools,

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