The Internet Sucks- Here's How to Use It Safely: How to Stay Safe on Today's Internet


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Learn how to stay safe on the internet in 2016. Using the internet today is like the wild west - Dangerous. It's full of fake ads and scams to trick you into downloading malware (viruses). You see messages telling you to download the newest version of Flash Player (usually fake) or a fake antiviurs progam you've never seen before (example- "Antivirus 2016") saying your infected with hundreds of viruses and need to buy their software to clean your computer. There are full screen warning messages you can't get out of or worse, scrambling (encrypting) your data unless you pay the scammer hundreds of dollars! - As I publish this book in early 2016, you are seeing stories on the mainstream news about hospitals being infected by these "hackers" and essentually closing down because they can't use their computer network. But hospitals are not the only targets. For the past 2 years this kind of malware (virus) has been getting more and more popular and regular people, like you, get infected everyday! Unfortunately just having an antivirus program isn’t enough to protect you from the bad ad’s, pop ups, and malware that infect most computers today. YOU have to have an idea of what is good and bad. YOU have to know what to click on and what not to click on. YOU have to know when to say “OK” to a pop up message and when to close the message box. Unfortunately YOU have to know how to protect YOURSELF.

I will show you how to use and remember STRONG PASSWORDS
Block bad ads and pop-ups
Update your software and OS
Use malware protection
What browsers to use
Email practices
Backup your data
How to safely sign up for new web sites
How to handle junk mail
Even advanced protecion like VPNs, encrypting your hard drive, and virtual machines.

The internet sucks- here's how to use it! I talk to and help regular people everyday with their computer needs. I see how people get infected with malware, pop-up ads, toolbars, and more. I realize most people are not computer experts and don't know how to protect themselves from all of the bad stuff that is out there today. I started writing a pamphlete for work, and it became a book. Surf use the web, internet, security, password, user account, antivirus, malware, ad blocker, password manager, search, internet, email, adobe flash, java, install software, download, firefox, chrome, internet of things iot.

keywords:internet ecommerce,internet bgp,bgp internet,internet cryptography,cryptography internet,

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