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This book is aimed at those with an interest in designing and programming embedded systems. These could include electrical engineers or computer programmers who want to get started with microcontroller applications using the ARM Cortex M4 architecture in a short time frame. This book's recipes can also be used to support students learning embedded programming for the first time. Basic knowledge of programming using a high-level language is essential but those familiar with other high-level languages such as Python or Java should not have too much difficulty picking up the basics of embedded C programming.

About This Book

This book focuses on programming embedded systems using a practical approach
Examples show how to use bitmapped graphics and manipulate digital audio to produce amazing games and other multimedia applications
The recipes in this book are written using ARM's MDK Microcontroller Development Kit which is the most comprehensive and accessible development solution

What You Will Learn

Use ARM's uVision MDK to configure the microcontroller run time environment (RTE), create projects and compile, download, and run simple programs on an evaluation board
Use and extend device family packs to configure I/O peripherals
Develop multimedia applications using the touchscreen and audio codec beep generator
Write multi-threaded programs using ARM's real-time operating system (RTOS)
Write critical sections of code in assembly language and integrate these with functions written in C
Fix problems using ARM's debugging tool to set breakpoints and examine variables
Port uVision projects to other open source development environments

In Detail

Embedded microcontrollers are at the core of many everyday electronic devices. The so-called Internet of Things drives the market for such technology, so much so that embedded cores now represent 90% of all processors sold. The ARM® Cortex® M4 is one of the most powerful microcontrollers on the market. The book begins with an introduction to the ARM® Cortex® family and we cover the installation of the ARM® uVision Integrated Development Environment and topics such as target devices, evaluation boards, code configuration, and GPIO. You will then learn about core programming topics. You will find out about advanced aspects such as data conversion, multimedia support, real-time signal processing, and real-time embedded systems. By the end of the book, you will be able to successfully create robust and scalable ARM® Cortex® based applications.

keywords:architecture visualization,cloud architecture,semantic architecture,l systems architecture,computing architecture,

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