The Excel Analyst's Guide to Access


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The ultimate handbook for Excel analysts who need reporting solutions using Access

Excel and Access are intended to work together. This book offers a comprehensive review of the extensive analytical and reporting functionality that Access provides and how it enhances Excel reporting functions.

Sales managers, operations analysts, administrative assistants, office managers, and many others who rely heavily on data can benefit from learning to integrate Excel and Access, and this book shows you how.

Coverage includes:
Data Analysis in Access & the Basics of Access
Beyond Select Queries
Transforming Your Data with Access
Working with Calculations and Dates
Performing Conditional Analysis
Adding Dimension with Subqueries and Domain Aggregate Functions
Running Descriptive Statistics in Access
Scheduling and Running Batch Analysis
Leveraging VBA to Enhance Data Analysis
Reports, Dashboards, and Visualization in Access
Presenting Data with Access Reports
Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Access
Enhancing Queries and Reports with Visualizations
Advanced Excel and Access Integration Techniques
Getting Access Data into Excel
Using VBA to Move Data between Excel and Access
Exploring Excel and Access Automation
Integrating Excel and Access with XML
Integrating Excel and Other Of?ce Applications
Access VBA Fundamentals
Understanding and Using SQL
and more!

keywords:databases and sql,databases sql,sql databases,security of databases,security databases,

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Author: Michael Alexander
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Pages: 624
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