Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration.


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From the preface
This book covers all of the topics necessary to effectively install and administer an Oracle Solaris 11 system. When used as a study guide, this book will save you a great deal of time and effort searching for information you will need to administer Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86-based systems. This book covers each topic in enough detail for inexperienced administrators to learn about Oracle Solaris 11 and apply the knowledge to real-life scenarios. Experienced readers will find the material complete and concise, making it a valuable reference for everyday tasks. Drawing from my years of experience as a senior Oracle Solaris administrator and consultant, youll find new ideas and see some different approaches to system administration that probably were not covered in your Oracle Solaris administration training courses

Chapter 1: Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Chapter 2: Managing and Updating Software with IPS Chapter 3: Boot and Shutdown Procedures for SPARC and x86-Based Systems Chapter 4: Administering Storage Devices Chapter 5: Administering ZFS File Systems Chapter 6: Administering Zones Chapter 7: User and Security Administration Chapter 8: Managing System Processes Chapter 9: The Oracle Solaris Network Environment Chapter 10: Network File Systems

keywords:databases and sql,databases sql,sql databases,security of databases,security databases,

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