'Applications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts' ed. by Jan Valdman


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The book presents a collection of MATLAB-based chapters of various engineering background. Instead of giving exhausting amount of technical details, authors were rather advised to explain relations of their problems to actual MATLAB concepts. Whenever possible, download links to functioning MATLAB codes were added.

Chapters include image and signal processing, mechanics and dynamics, models and data identification in biology, fuzzy logic, discrete event systems and data acquisition systems.

1 Digital Image Processing with MATLAB
2 Information Entropy
3 MATLAB for All Steps of Dynamic Vibration Test of Structures
4 Forward and Inverse Dynamics and Quasi-Static Analysis of Mechanizes with MATLAB
5 Design, Simulation, and Control of a Hexapod Robot in Simscape Multibody
6 Case Studies in Using MATLAB to Build Model Calibration Tools for Multiscale Modeling
7 Virtual Instrument for the Analysis of Vibrations in Rotary Machines
8 Application of MATLAB in -Omics and Systems Biology
9 Small Molecule LC-MS/MS Fragmentation Data Analysis and Application to Siderophore Identification
10 Intelligent Sliding Surface Design Methods Applied to an IBVS System for Robot Manipulators
11 Using NI-USB Data Acquisition Systems to Study the Switching Phenomena of Reactive Loads
12 Simulation of DiscreteEvent Systems in MATLAB
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keywords:matlab class,matlab classes,matlab courses,matlab class,matlab classes,

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