Understanding the Connected Home: Thoughts on living in tomorrow's connected home


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Welcome to the smart home! The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

It enhances our smoke detectors, lights, door locks, kitchen scales and ovens. We bring in more connectivity through fitness tracking wristbands and our phones and tablets, and take it along when we get into the driving computers that are our cars.

Understanding the connected homehow it can be designed, how we can engage with it and control it, how we can live with it and still have agency over our datawill be essential to address.

Connected homes will impact the lives of hundreds of millions people around the globe. We believe that understanding connected homes and their impact is urgent and relevant right now.

There are many challenges ahead, including designing interactions, privacy, user empowerment in this new field. We hope this exploration will be of use to designers, developers, entrepreneurs and policy makers as we figure this out together over the decades to come.

While there has been great progress in terms of user experience, manufacturing and technology, there has not been much reflection about the implication of the smart homes for our lives. How will ubiquitous connectedness and data change our domestic lives? What are the powers currently shaping this landscape and what do they have to gain? And more importantly, how can we as practitioners shape IoT to be a net positive for society?

We wrote this book with practitioners in mind. We hope the people who read this will be the people who make connected homes happen. That could include designers, developers, strategists, entrepreneurs, researchers, activists, educators and many more.

keywords:home alarm,home alarm,home alarms,home security,home cloud computing,

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