C# Programming: Step-By-Step Guide To C# Programming For Beginners (Learn C# Coding)


This tutorial is designed for the beginners-intermediate programmer someone that has seen and used C# previously and has a rudimentary understanding of the basics. This tutorial will explore the advanced build-in and user created features of the language.

Each chapter will contain a certain number of relevant topics with illustrations and exercises where necessary, this will all be finished off with an end of chapter quiz for an easy and enjoyable learning

This tutorial skips over the basics of the language, this means basic information like conditionals and iteration will be missed, I recommend refreshing your memory with various online resources if it has been a while since you have touched C#, this will just allow you to start absorbing the newly learned content immediately.

C# is a very useful language, it is used to rapidly create Windows desktop applications with a real emphasis of readability and maintainability. C#’s syntax is regarded as simplistic with its origins stemming from C (as the name suggests), with a lot of work done by built-in method and libraries that are intended to abstract code and move unnecessary information to behind the scenes, this is to reduce the complexity of the code presented to programmer.

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