The Power of C#


C# is an object oriented programming language and was developed by Microsoft expressly for its .NET platform. C# provides the features that are most important to programmers, such as object-oriented programming, graphics, graphical-user-interface (GUI) components, exception handling, multithreading, multimedia (audio, images, animation and video), file processing, prepackaged data structures, database processing, Internet and World-Wide-Web-based multi-tier application development, networking, Web services and distributed computing. The language is appropriate for implementing Internet and World-Wide-Web-based applications that integrate seamlessly with Windows-based applications.

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Category: .NET
Author: Rajeev A. Parida
Language: English
ISBN10: 8131805336
ISBN13: 9788131805336
Pages: 736
PubDate: 2009-12-01 00:00:00
UploadDate: 9/23/2017 10:33:08 am


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