Mastering ASP.NET Web API


Leverage ASP.Net Web API to build professional web services and create powerful applications.

About This Book

Get a comprehensive analysis of the latest specification of ASP.NET Core and all the changes to the underlying platform that you need to know to make the most of the web API
See an advanced coverage of ASP.NET Core Web API to create robust models for your data, create controllers, and handle routing and security
This book is packed with key theoretical and practical concepts that can be instantly applied to build professional applications using API with Angular 4, Ionic, and React

Who This Book Is For

This book is for .Net developers who wants to Master ASP.NET Core (Web API) and have played around with previous ASP.NET Web API a little, but don't have in-depth knowledge of it. You need to know Visual Studio and C#, and have some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge.

What You Will Learn

Acquire conceptual and hands-on knowledge of ASP.NET Core (MVC & Web API)
Learn about HTTP methods, the structure of HTTP content, internet media types, and how servers respond to HTTP requests and their associated HTTP codes
Explore middleware, filters, routing, and unit testing
Optimize Web API implementations
Develop a secure Web API interface
Deploy Web API projects to various platforms
Consume your web API in front end application based on Angular 4, Bootstrap, and Ionic
Implement and explore the current trends in service architecture

eBook Details:
Category: .NET
Author: Mithun Pattankar
Language: English
ISBN10: 1548535613
PubDate: 2017-00-00 00:00:00
UploadDate: 8/15/2017 2:23:41 pm

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